Vancouver Washington (USA) Pumpkin Patch Location vs Vancouver BC (Canada)

Google – Huh???

Amazingly search engines like Google still get it wrong. For some reason they confuse Vancouver Washington (USA) with Vancouver BC (Canada). C’mon Google it’s not even the right country. So anyone visiting this website is not mislead or confused in any way…

The Pumpkin Patch is located in Vancouver Washington (WA) United States of America (USA). [ Location & Hours ]

Vancouver Washington Pumpkin Patch location

How could Vancouver Washington be confused with Vancouver BC?

  • They’re actually pretty close together
    • Vancouver Washington and Vancouver BC are only 304 miles apart when following the I-5 freeway.
  • Vancouver Washington (USA) is actually smaller than Vancouver BC (Canada)
    • Less than 1/3rd the population
      • Vancouver Washington’s population is 164,759 people (in city limits)
      • Vancouver BC’s population is 603,502 people (in city limits)
    • Not as big in land size
      • Vancouver Washington is 46.1 square miles
      • Vancouver BC is 1,111.40 square miles (Metro)

So in conclusion, it’s easy to see how the two areas could be confused.  I hope this has cleared up any confusion.  See you on the pumpkin patch!

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