The 2012 Season was Great!!!

Dear Everybody,
We had a blast in the 2012 season and look forward to seeing you October 2013! Until then we’ll be busy planting and preparing for you and the kiddies! See you then!

The Costume Concert was a BLAST!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!  We had a blast!!!

the Costume Concert in the Hay Barn

Costume Concert @ the Pumpkin Patch

Lots of great costumes!

We’ve Got You and Your Pumpkin Covered!

Covered Hay Rides

Need Pumpkins for your Family Fun?

We’ve got you covered!

Weather drizzly?

Well, we’ve GOT YOU COVERED too…

Covered Petting Zoo

Yes Washington weather in October gets a little drizzly here and there BUT we’ve taken this into consideration. You can still get out into our wonderful Vancouver fresh air, stay warm & dry AND find your perfect pumpkin.

Covered Hay Bale Maze

Our Hay Rides, Petting Zoo, Hay Bale Maze and Vegetable Stand are all Covered:

Covered Vegetable & Pumpkin Stand

Bring your boots and come on out!
We’re open 7 days a week!

Hay Rides run all day (while we’re open) Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For Group hay rides during the week, please call Gary at (360)904-8509 to schedule.

See you out at the Pumpkin Patch!

TIP: Fun & Free Halloween eCards

Halloween is meant to be a blast… that’s pretty much the idea. Here is a FREE & FUN tip for you! And you can personalize it with you, your family and fiends!

They’re Super Fun eCards that you can make and post on your Facebook or email or download and show your friends. You can check it all out at
It’s a blast… enjoy!

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Our New Video was Way Too Much Fun to Make!

We seriously had way too much fun making our new video for the pumpkin patch. Robert of Driving Designs did an awesome job considering that isn’t what he normally does 9-5.

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Reminder: Oct. 27th Halloween Costume Concert

Halloween Costume Concert Oct 27th @ 6:30pm

Just a Reminder… be there or be… we’ll we’d miss you. Hope to see you there!
For more details see: Family Halloween Costume Party w/ Live Music at the Vancouver Pumpkin Patch

Photo Opportunity in the Pumpkin Patch

Photo Opportunity in the Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch itself is a wonderful place for taking pictures that you’ll love for a lifetime. Bring a “farm hat” and it really can set your photos off… in a good way!

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Sunset in the Pumpkin Patch

Sun setting at the Pumpkin Patch in Vancouver Washington

The sunsets at the Pumpkin Patch are just simply beautiful… as you can see. Each one of those pumpkins is going to be loved by a child – that definitely warms my heart even more than that wonderful sunset at the farm. Both are definitely something that needs to be witnessed first hand.

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Photo Opportunity at the Petting Zoo

Photo Opportunity at the Petting Zoo

They grow up so fast don’t they.  Make sure you take lots of photos.  The Petting Zoo is definitely a great opportunity for pictures and video.  If there is one rule of thumb to getting great photos of the kids it’s TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!  A professional photographer once told me, “when you think ‘ok, I’ve taken too many photos’ that’s when you shoot 20 more.”  And I’ve found this to be true.  It usually takes 50-100 photos to get 1 or 2 decent shots.  Maybe I’m not doing it right.?.?.? 😉

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Photo Opportunity at the Pumpkin Patch

Take a cute picture while you’re here!

Two cute little scarecrows photo opportunity at the Pumpkin Patch.  It’s always fun to mark the occasion with a fun photo of the family!

And remember to take plenty of pictures on the hay ride, in the pumpkin patch, at the petting zoo and at the hay maze.

We’d love it if you Tagged the Vancouver Pumpkin Patch in your photo’s on Facebook, Yelp, Google+, YouTube, Flickr or where ever you like to post them… we’d love to see your smiling faces.  It’s the main reason we’re doing this whole thing in the first place.

See you at the Pumpkin Patch!

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